Located right by the the busiest chairlift in the busiest area on the mountain, Sindrestua is easy to access. We, the owners, have been in the restaurant business for a long time and if anyone asks us why they should eat at Sindrestua, our answer is always this: Easily accessible, tasty and nutritious food at a fair price. Served with a smile.

Easily accessible, tasty and nutritious food at a fair price. Served with a smile.

Our philosophy

Our guests should leave us having had a better meal and a better service than they expected. Despite the fact that the restaurant is sometimes very busy, you can expect a smile by the cashier and a pleasant waiter serving your food.

Our local producers

Caring a lot about good food and drink, we think that food produced locally is important to promote. Not only is it good for the environment. It generally tastes better. Here are a few of the producers that we work with:

After ski

After ski

Sindrestua is the place for you that like a cozy afterski. When you are satisfied with today's ski session it is time for afterski. You can bring the whole family or group of friends to Sindrestua.

We offer a muted afterski where you can discuss the day's skiing in a calm and relaxed environment, with good food and drink. All rights reserved.

After ski menu served from 3pm


Jerusalem artichoke soup                                                                                                       kr.115,-

With herb oil and homemade rosemary bread

A: 1, 7, 12. 

Sindreburger                                                                                                                                kr.195,-

Brioche, gruyère cheese, homemade pickled cucumber, salad, ketchup,

tarragon mayo and finely chopped shallots. 

A: 1, 3, 7, 12. 

Spaghetti Bolognese a la Toscana                                                                                       kr.165,-

Classic Spaghetti Bolognese.

A: 1, 3, 7, 9, 12. 


Tasting dish for you alone or for sharing with friends

Selected cheeses with condiments kr. 195.-

Selected hams and sausages with condiments kr. 195,-


For Grupper


Sindrestua caters food to small and large groups that wish to eat in their cabin. Anything from simple, filling lunch dishes to get the energy up for the next training session to three-course fine dining dinners to celebrate birthdays. We'll sort out most any request. Contact us!



Hand cut tartar with cognac, tarragon, leek, tabasco, extra virgin olive oil, shallots, capers, cornichons and egg plum. Served with grilled bread.

Duck salad confit

Napolitana salad, duck confit, applepickled gooseberries, pickled red onion and freshbaked bread.


Cold-smoked salmon, smoked cheesecream, picled goosberries, pickled cucumber, green olive oil, rye-bread chips and herbs

Hjemmekaldrøkt laks, røkostkrem, syltet stikkelsbær, saltet agurk, grøn olivenolje, rugbrødchips og urter

Hovedretter Main courses

Confit Canard a la Orange

Confitert sprøstekt andelår, kål tilberedt i andefett, kanel, hvitvin, laurbær

og lys balsamico med saus orange

Duck confit, cale prepared in duckfat, cinnamon, white wine, bay leaves and light balsamoico with sauce orange.


Oven baked cod, fried fennel and vinegar with olive oil sauce, cerignola olives, shallots, capers and tarragon

Pigs chest

Pigs chest braised in a master stock with seared onions, balsamico pickled beets and cream sauce.



Vanilla ice cream, apple compote on Pink Lady apples, fried rosemary and cantuccini


Tart spongecake, vanilla ice, berries and herbs.

Panna Cotta

Classic, delicious Panna Cotta with pickled berries and seared white chocolate.

NB: The group can pick one dish per category (starter, main course, dessert). Amendments can be made if guests are allergic.


2 course dinner with a starter-maincourse or maincourse-dessert combination of your choosing.
NOK 445.

3 course dinner combination of your choosing.
NOK 545.